The plant of modern materials offers you milling equipment from ZIAS and Festool, DeWalt, Makita, etc. for cutting and forming sheet composite panels of ventilated facades.


In addition to selling equipment, our company is ready to provide installation supervision at the construction site or to train your employees to work with the equipment.


We are ready to complete the equipment package according to your needs.

technical specifications


The ZP-1200 disc milling machine.

A tool for cutting and forming sheet composite panels of ventilated facades. The professional ZP-1200 disc milling machine is distinguished from its analogues by increased wear resistance, as well as excellent components manufactured in Germany. Also, this type of milling machine has additional advantages, such as:

- smooth start of the electric motor;

- overheating protection;

- aluminum protective cover;

- dust pump;

- no removable contact rollers;

- smooth adjustment of the milling depth


The ZS-1200 disc milling machine.

An economy-class tool for cutting and forming sheet composite panels of ventilated facades, the advantages of which are:

- Smooth adjustment of the milling depth, as a result - the possibility of repeated sharpening of disc cutters;

- No replaceable contact rollers, fast and convenient transition between different thicknesses of the processed material;

- The possibility of installing a saw blade, no need to purchase an additional tool for cutting the material.


Milling cutter ZF-90

 The milling cutter with carbide replaceable plates and an angle of 90° is designed to form a groove in the sheet composite material for further assembly of the facing cassette.


Replaceable rotary plates increase the service life of the cutter by 4 times.


Disk milling machine PF 1200 PF 1200 E-Plus Alucobond

Scope of delivery:

V-shaped 90° milling cutter, A4 contact roller, mounting copier for guide rails, auxiliary tool, without guide rails, in the system SYS 4 T-LOC


The special dust removal device CLEANTEX CTL 26

has no chance of dangerous dust.

The degree of air purification is 99.995%: a special model for collecting carcinogenic and pathogenic dust. Due to this, even mold, asbestos dust or wood treated with harmful impregnations do not pose any threat to the health of the worker. For optimal mobile use, it is offered in a standard size 26.


Guide rail FS 800/2

Confident movement of the tool as in a ruler, anti-slip tape prevents chipping of the material during sawing, thanks to the anti-slip tape it is well installed on smooth materials, protects the surface of the workpiece from damage, an additional groove for tooling expands the range of application, anti-friction tape for easy running of the machine along the guide rail


Vertical Milling Machine OF 2200, OF 2200 EB-Plus

Scope of delivery:

clamping collet Ø 12 mm

clamping collet Ø 8 mm

copying ring Ø 30 mm

dust collector

auxiliary tool

in SYS 4 T-LOC system