We complete the facilities with hinged facade systems of various types. The choice of subsystem is determined based on the requirements for the building, the customer's wishes and the technical requirements for the facade. Our specialists will promptly prepare an express calculation of the amount of cladding material and nomenclature according to the NVF system.

technical specifications


We offer the following services for working with hinged facade systems:


1. Express payment.


The free service provides an understanding of the nomenclature of the NVF system and the approximate number of materials. The calculation period is from 1 to 7 calendar days.


2. The project.


When using the cladding material of our factory, design and expertise services will be free of charge. Otherwise, these services are paid additionally. The design period is on average 1 month, the examination period is 1 month. The deadlines are average, each project is calculated individually.


3. Subsystem configuration.


Since we have partnerships with our key partners in the production of elements of NVF systems, hardware and insulation, we are ready to offer you factory prices for products. You do not need to negotiate with various suppliers, you can complete the entire facade in our company. If you take the cladding material from us, it will be more convenient and profitable for you to order the entire facade complex in one place. This is a saving on logistics and time.


In order to order services for the completion or design of the facade, you can fill out an application or contact our managers.