A new product for serial and low-rise housing construction Facade tile "Stalkom ST"


The first 2 floors are lined with the usual cassette method. Starting from the third floor, the transition to tile cladding with mounting on a tone-painted rivet.


Certified rivets with a standard cap. Rivets are painted in any color according to the Ral catalog in the general top of the facade.


Facade cassettes and facade tiles can be manufactured in sets at our factory, and can also be produced on site promptly.


The installation speed increases 2-3 times. Savings on the facade of up to 25% due to fewer components (there is no glue, no slide, lightweight intermediate guides are used, savings on bends and cutting from a sheet).

technical specifications



Standard 600x600 mm, 1200x600 mm,

individual are limited to a width of 1200 mm.



2 - 2,5 - 3 - 4 mm.


Thickness of steel layers:

0.3 mm.



600x600 mm. – 2.7 kg.,

1200x600 mm.- 5.4 kg.


Flammability group:

КМ1 (Г1, В1, Д1, Т1), К0



Facade construction



Extensive possibilities for the selection of colors and shaping;

Extended service life;

Increased resistance to environmental influences;

Increased resistance to temperature changes and negative mechanical influences (wind loads);

Increased rigidity and impact resistance with a lower panel thickness;

Perfectly smooth surface;

The weight characteristics are identical to the aluminum panels