We present you the facade sheets and cassettes made of solid aluminum.

The use of aluminum sheet in construction is due to its well-known advantages. Among the main characteristics of aluminum sheet are: durability, non-combustibility (NG), increased resistance to atmospheric precipitation, ultraviolet radiation, aggressive environments, softness, combined favorably with strength, resistance to mechanical influences, environmental safety and aesthetics. In addition, aluminum cladding products are technologically advanced – simplicity, convenience and reliability of installation.

technical specifications


High fire resistance – NG flammability group;


High corrosion resistance – more than 50 years;


Light weight – 4-5 kg/m2;


Wide temperature range of use – from -50 °C to +400 °C;


Durability, environmental friendliness, safety and aesthetics.


Possibility of use for buildings with a functional hazard class Ф1.1, Ф4.1