Aluminum composite panel "Standard FR" is a series of panels with a combustibility group G1, which includes a non-combustible core, therefore, the panels have increased fire resistance and are used in the installation of hinged ventilated facades with increased fire safety requirements.


Aluminum composite panels "Standard FR" can be used by the cassette method as cladding for facades of buildings with a fire hazard class K0, with a degree of fire resistance I-V, with a structural fire hazard class of a building C0 – C3.

technical specifications

Coverage: Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)


Fire safety: КМ 1 (Г1, В1, Д1, Т1), К0


Wide operating temperature range: from -50°C to +80°C


Light weight: 7.5 kg. / sq.m.


Panel thickness: 4 mm.


Panel width: 1220 mm., 1240 mm., 1500 mm., 1520 mm., customized


Panel length: 2440mm, 4000mm - from stock; on order 1500-6000mm


The thickness of the aluminum layer: 0.4 mm.


The thickness of the composite filler: 3.2 mm.