The plant of modern materials is a Siberian manufacturer of composite panels.


Our factory started its production activity in 2004.

The plant specializes in the production of high-quality steel composite panels, which are used in construction and other fields.


The suppliers of raw materials for the production of products are well-known Russian manufacturers. The quality of incoming raw materials and finished products are monitored in our own laboratory.


To reduce the production time, a stock of steel tape has been formed at our factory.

The maximum period for the production of an order from its acceptance to shipment to the consumer does not exceed 20 calendar days.


The factory also has professional machines and equipment that allows you to manufacture products of various complexity, more information about the plant's services can be found in the finished products section.


The company employs highly qualified design engineers who will help to quickly calculate the complete set of the facade, propose the design of a complex product, solve non-standard issues with the production of products made of composite and other sheet materials in the following areas:

construction, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, etc.


A production laboratory has been organized at the Plant of Modern Materials.


The production laboratory is equipped with modern and high-quality equipment, tested at the Krasnoyarsk Center for Standardization and Metrology, with technical documentation, GOST standards, and state standard samples.


The equipment is modern, equipped with computer programs: the inspekt mini testing machine, a device for determining the melt flow index, the mass velocity of the melting stream, the volume velocity of the melting stream, etc.


The production laboratory carries out:

- control of sampling of a steel composite panel for peeling, mechanical tests in accordance with the technological process;

- control of the geometric parameters of the a steel composite panel on the line;

- input control of incoming raw materials (unpainted tape, polyethylene, protective and decorative coating of painted steel tape);

- quality control of manufactured products.


The production laboratory participates in research related to the expansion of the product range and the introduction of new production lines.